About Me

I’m Darren and I have worked in the IT industry since leaving college many years ago. I started out in IT support and quickly got involved with looking after websites for various employers.

Deciding that I wanted to work on more interesting projects led me to developing my own website, it was here that I took my first steps in the world of online marketing and have developed my skills from there.

Pretty soon I was advertising my services and worked with some local clients on improving their websites SEO with great results, some of my original clients are still enjoying the high search engine rankings I secured them 5 or 6 years later.

My Internet Marketing Experiences

Throughout the last 7 years I have worked for my own clients, carried out work on behalf of larger marketing agencies, and developed and worked on my own private projects.

This has given me a great insight into a multitude of different sectors and has really helped develop my skills in various Internet technologies and techniques.

I’ve worked on ecommerce sites selling everything from bathrooms to invitations, consulted on and planed the website merger of two high profile building societies, taken over the online marketing efforts of established multi-million pound businesses and developed more than my fair share of start-up websites online marketing strategies.

Along with this client or agency work I have single-handedly set up and run a successful ecommerce website from scratch.

All these experiences leave me very well positioned to quickly come into a business and know which the best techniques are for them, and crucially, whether they are going to make enough of a return on any potential work to make it worth doing.

What I Am Not

I am not a large agency with all the associated high fees and management layers, many bigger agencies simply contract out all online marketing work to people like me, or they have low paid juniors working on it. Trust me, I know.

I’m also not a web design agency (or designer) which offers ‘SEO’ on the side without any actual real world skills in the field, this is what many web design companies actually do and is in some part what makes finding an SEO company or consultant such a minefield.

Finally, I am not someone who has read a couple of blogs and is calling themselves an Internet marketer either. I have genuine experience coming from years of working on live client and private websites, and I have the skills which have been developed over time through real world work.

Specific Skills

Search Engine Optimisation

I have positioned many websites at the top of Google for their search terms. For one client I achieved no. 1 rankings in Google for each of the core keywords which they were spending over £10,000 a month with Google AdWords to bring in customers.

Google AdWords / PPC

Although I started out in search engine optimisation, I have run, and still run Google AdWords campaigns and have been in control of accounts spending upwards of £20,000+ per month with Google.

Google Analytics

I’m also very good at reading website analytics and have used these skills to help businesses make improvements to their websites and turnover, simply by understanding what visitors are actually doing on their websites.

Email Marketing

Don’t believe it if you hear that email marketing is dead, I have personally designed and implemented email marketing campaigns which have increased customer conversion and retention and this is actually a very low cost thing to do.

Website Design & Development

I am not a designer and don’t offer web design to clients however I have established relationships with fantastic designers and I can use their services for client work if required.

I do have web development and programming skills however I primarily use these on private projects, I don’t mind helping out with small client jobs from time to time though and have a great understanding of how difficult or easy a particular development that you are thinking about may be.

Get In Touch

If you feel I could help you and your business then simply let me know. I’m more than happy to come and discuss any potential work or ideas with you and if after that you wanted to go further then we can work out a plan for moving forward from there.

You can reach me directly on 01482 778 157 or email me though the contact form here.