Content Marketing

My definition of content marketing is using a series of informational and helpful content articles (and media) to promote your business both on and off your own website. The idea is that you create content that is genuinely useful to your target market and give it away for free, this helps your business in many [...]

Email Marketing

This online marketing method utilises the low cost nature of emails to deliver your messages to customers and prospects. It is a fantastic and low cost way of converting potential leads into customers and clients and marketing extra products and services to your existing customer base. Email MarketingĀ Is Not SPAM Many people instantly think of [...]

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing (Google AdWords)

Occasionally referred to as Cost Per Click or CPC marketing, PPC is search engine marketing where you pay for results. When searching on Google after entering a phrase you will see a central column of (usually) 10 results, in the online marketing world we call these natural or organic results and they are the websites [...]

What Are Backlinks?

The term links, often referred to as backlinks, means a clickable link from one website to another. For example, if I had a link on my website to yours then this would be class as a backlink for your website. Google pioneered the use of backlinks as strong ranking signals, the Google Algorithm which determines [...]

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The term search engine optimisation refers to the practice of using specific tactics and techniques to rank a website higher up the search results pages. Having higher search rankings tends to correlate strongly with getting more website visitors which in turn should lead to either more clients or customers. Traditionally SEO has been about two [...]