Content Marketing

My definition of content marketing is using a series of informational and helpful content articles (and media) to promote your business both on and off your own website.

The idea is that you create content that is genuinely useful to your target market and give it away for free, this helps your business in many ways including:

  • Generating goodwill towards your business
  • Displays your expertise in your area of work
  • Attracts new customers and clients who discover your content
  • Helps convert interested web visitors into buyers
  • Can build quality and ‘hard to get’ links for SEO purposes if content is published on 3rd party websites or blogs

It’s such a great and low cost way of creating communication between your business and the outside world, more people should do it.

Marketing That Keeps on Giving

If you create content in the right way it can also become a valuable asset for your business.

Let’s say you’re a plumber and you have a standard 2 or 3 page website advertising your services, there’s not a lot to really separate you apart from all the other plumbers out in the world.

Now let’s imagine that you created a series of guides to help normal people avoid plumbing emergencies, ideas for the guides could be along the lines of:

  • 6 Quick & Low Cost Ways of Stopping Your Sinks Getting Blocked
  • How to Fix a Leaky Radiator Valve
  • How to Unblock Your Bath Plug Hole

If you had these published on your website then if I were looking for a plumber I would see them and think ‘Well, this guy certainly knows his stuff’. If the article helped me fix a problem without having to call you out then I’d be super happy.

You may think that this would be a bad thing because you are missing out on work, however the chances are that if I was willing to try a guide to fixing my problem myself then I probably would have kept looking until I found one and not called you anyway.

The main benefit though is that if you provided me something free of charge which saved me time and money then I’d be far more likely to remember you and call you in when I needed something doing which I couldn’t do myself.

Likewise, if somebody ever asked me if I knew a plumber then your name is more likely to come to mind because of the good experience I had with your marketing.

After your initial time and effort in creating the content there would be no ongoing cost to you when people used it, in all likelihood those articles could help convert people into ‘fans’ of yours for years to come.

Other Marketing Benefits

Posting original content to your website gives Google more of a reason to index it, because of the way Google ‘reads’ a website you are far more likely to attract visitors through the search engines into your site, again all free of charge.

Taking the idea a step further, you can actually use content marketing techniques to generate links into your site with will help with your SEO efforts.

Going back to our plumbers example, if you spent a little bit of time researching home improvement websites or blogs and found one which accepts guest articles and posts then you could prepare a piece of content specifically for them.

Once it was posted it would give them unique content which helps with their SEO efforts, it gives their readers something to read which the 3rd party site hasn’t had to produce themselves, and they would give you recognition for the article in the form of a paragraph about you and your business, including a link back to your site.

This link back would count as a ‘backlink’ to your site and help increase your search engine rankings.

Finally if the piece is good enough you may even generate new customers out of the readership of the 3rd party blog that published the content article.

That’s a classic win – win situation in my mind.

I’ve only really scratched the surface of what you could do with content marketing, for more ideas or some help developing your online marketing strategy then get in touch with me.