Email Marketing

This online marketing method utilises the low cost nature of emails to deliver your messages to customers and prospects.

It is a fantastic and low cost way of converting potential leads into customers and clients and marketing extra products and services to your existing customer base.

Email Marketing Is Not SPAM

Many people instantly think of SPAM email messages when they first think about email marketing, it brings up visions of all those unsolicited emails we get every day that we don’t bother to open.

You shouldn’t be looking to buy lists of email addresses and sending out generic messages hoping that somebody might just read it and become a customer, this was never really effective years ago and has even less chance of working now.

There is a very real danger of actually damaging your reputation by doing this and it is not something I would ever recommend.

I think these concerns put most businesses off using emails as a marketing method however done right they can be a massively valuable source of business for you.

How To Make Email Marketing Work

When I talk with clients about email marketing I specifically mean using tools called autoresponders and setting up email sequences.

An email autoresponder is an email service which lets you pre-load a number of messages into a system, these messages can cover any topic you want and you can decide which order they are in and the length of time between each email send.

Once set up you need some way of enticing people to sign up to your email list, there are various ways of doing this which can involve handing out discount vouchers or giving away a free gift or report.

When a visitor to your website signs up to the email sequence they instantly receive the first email you loaded into the autoresponder. Once the set number of days has passed they automatically get the next email delivered in the sequence, this carries on until they reach the end of your sequence or they unsubscribe from the list.

This allows you to keep in contact with leads automatically, after initially setting up the sequence and writing the emails the autoresponder handles everything else.

The sequence really gives you the freedom to be creative with your messages, imagine how much more effective your marketing would be if you could deliver the following messages directly into a potential customer’s inbox:

  • Money off vouchers
  • Emails addressing F.A.Q.’s about your product or service
  • Comparisons of your product / service against your competitors
  • Case studies of how someone else with their problem received help from you
  • Discuss specific features and benefits of your offerings

You also have to remember that the people on this list specifically decided to receive your emails so they are far more likely to actually open and read them than if you had bought a list off somebody else.

I have implemented many automatic email autoresponders for clients before with a lot of success, it really is a very low cost way of converting leads into customers and once set up it works virtually on autopilot for you.

To discuss how an email marketing campaign might be effective for your business simply get in touch with me, I would be happy to talk through the various options.