Services Offered

I’m pretty flexible in ways which I can work with businesses, at times I have taken over all online marketing activities including PPC (Google AdWords) campaigns, SEO work and all reporting duties (Google Analytics).

In other instances I have had responsibility over just one task such as SEO or PPC, this way I’m able to come in and help a business focus on just this one core area.

I have also worked in simply an advisory manner for a specific piece of work, be it designing the structure of a new website or providing guidance when merging two separate websites together under one domain name.

Usually each project I’m involved with is different from the last one and they often have a different set of requirements, for this reason I generally like to talk to a business before offering any particular services.

The areas in which I can help are:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of optimising your website to rank as highly as possible on the search engines for keywords and phrases which will bring you customers.
Read more about SEO here.

This is the first online marketing skill I developed and have practised it many times on different types of websites in a variety of industries.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing (Google AdWords)

PPC is also search engine marketing however you run adverts alongside the search results and pay for each click from the advert to your website.
See more details on PPC Marketing here.

I have managed AdWords accounts for many years and have been responsible for spending of over £20,000 per month for one client. I also run accounts that spend less than £300 per month which still make the businesses a significant profit.

Email Marketing

People usually think spam when you first talk about email marketing however it is a really easy and highly successful way of capturing and converting a much higher percentage of customers coming to your website.
Discover more about email marketing techniques here. 

Setting up and automated email delivery system is something I have done for a number of clients and the results have always been highly positive.

Website Statistics & Analysis (Google Analytics)

Keeping on top of your numbers is a must for any business owner and this also goes for your website stats, misreading the data can be a costly mistake.

Making the wealth of data on offer in Google Analytics understandable and actionable is something I have a lot of experience with, whether this is a one time project or an on-going reporting requirement depends on your specific needs.

Content Marketing

This is a new term for a fairly old marketing technique which involves publishing quality content articles on third party websites with the aim of engaging readers and attracting new customers.
Read a better description of Content Marketing here. 

I’m able to come in and provide guidance on getting this process off the ground and give you the tools and techniques needed to make this a valuable and low cost way of getting your business established.

Social Media

The rise of Facebook and Twitter have led to even more marketing avenues for businesses, engaging through these platforms with your target market can help attract new customers.

There are various strategies for these types of social media websites and its often a case of finding the one which is going to be both effective and manageable for your business.

Other Services

As mentioned I can also advise on specific requirements if they fall outside the categories above, perhaps you have a new business idea and want to run it by somebody for an impartial opinion? Or if you are looking to expand your business and don’t know the best route to go down with regards to the Internet, simply give me a call.

I’ve been around the block a few times and seen a lot of successful (and unsuccessful) business ventures, I’m also pretty honest and if I have no experience in something then I will tell you upfront, I’ll generally be able to refer you on to somebody who will be able to help though instead.